Sunday, January 29, 2006

Nistevo - Logistics Network and Transportation Mgt Nistevo is the leading Collaborative Logistics Network for transportation management, a hosted software service that enables manufacturers, retailers, distributors and logistics service providers to view, plan, execute, settle and analyze their inbound and outbound transportation. Organizations of all industries and sizes participate in the Network to collaborate with their supply chain partners and execute more than four million shipments annually.

The company was founded in 1997 by Kevin Lynch to address the vast inefficiencies found in logistics throughout the world. Although companies spend more than a trillion dollars every year on logistics, it has remained a manual and disconnected process. Lynch's founding vision was to help shippers and carriers dramatically improve the efficiency of their logistics and supply chain operations through a common Web-based network that offered connectivity and encouraged collaboration. The result of this vision is the Nistevo Collaborative Network for transportation management.

Today, shippers and transportation providers on the Nistevo Network have connectivity to all trading partners, global visibility to shipments and orders, and the ability to collaborative on day-to-day activities within their logistics operations. The results are dramatic gains in supply chain efficiencies and significant cost savings.

With global sourcing becoming a business requirement in many industries, organizations need wider visibility across their supply chains in order to stay competitive. As a Web-based network, Nistevo offers the most extensive accessibility, visibility and management of domestic and international shipments available.

The Nistevo Network tracks and manages the entire shipment lifecycle from load planning and building to tendering to invoice auditing to performance measurement. Network customers are monitoring and managing thousands of shipments annually and are consistently experiencing savings of 5-25% off their overall transportation spend.

Unlike traditional software, Nistevo's modular software is delivered as a network-based service, connecting logistics service providers and locations with ease. And with its subscription-based pricing model, you pay only for the capabilities your organization needs. The result is a low-risk, rapid ROI.

With thousands of organizations online, the Nistevo Network includes leading companies from various industries.

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