Sunday, January 29, 2006

Engineous Software - Product Development Infrastructure Engineous Software, the leading provider of process integration and design optimization software, created iSIGHT technology in 1996. This unique solution allows customers to automate and integrate the iterative design process, evaluate a large number of designs, and optimize the final design based on user-defined parameters in short timeframes.

Enhanced by Cassatt: Cassatt's Collage technology allows customers to cost-effectively implement and scale-out their iSIGHT infrastructures on a collection of affordable, x86 servers. It also unifies administration, reducing IT costs even further and improving service at the same time. What's more, deploying iSIGHT on Collage produces performance benefits that rival the economic benefits. Not only does Collage enable seamless, parallel iSIGHT processing across the entire grid, it enables virtualized file access, which eliminates time-consuming file-mounting. With this powerful combination of Engineous' iSIGHT and Cassatt's Collage, engineers can shorten design cycles and improve product quality without purchasing expensive servers or increasing administrative overhead.

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