Thursday, January 26, 2006

BlueWolf - Let's get to work - implementation partner A implementation partner. Bluewolf works exclusively with for CRM--and for good reason; it's the most powerful, fastest-growing CRM solution in the world. Bluewolf has the experience of over 500 successful implementations, across every industry and for thousands of users.

Hey, if those are needed, what's this stuff about it being as easy as signing up on the web?

Bluewolf has a long-standing record of success with that can be best described with three words: total user adoption. We understand that every company faces challenges when adopting new technologies. As and sales process experts, our work is not complete until your organization achieves the maximum return from your investment.

Back in the day (1999), we were all working for large software companies, watching traditional services companies become fat and happy by implementing huge, expensive and over-engineered solutions. It soon became apparent that the software universe was poised to undergo a fundamental shift— the way that software was implemented, deployed and maintained was about to change forever. And the days of overpriced and underdeveloped software being implemented by overpriced and underdeveloped consultants were over.

So Bluewolf was born.

By focusing on higher value and lower costs, we have amassed a large and growing base of Fortune 2000 customers that demand maximum results from minimum investment.

We think fast, we act fast and we deliver solutions that are right for your business.

We work closely with the "expensive" guys to be able to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective implementation of the world's leading software, including IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft.

We've embraced and built expertise around "on-demand" solutions like, rapidly increasing our customer's ROI

Our offshore partner network assures our customers the most specific skill sets at the lowest billing rates in the world.

Our experienced consultants have deep and broad experience in a wide variety of industries and are able to quickly and effectively understand the exact requirements of out clients.

And we continue to identify methods and products to help our customers gain true productivity from their applications.

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