Thursday, January 26, 2006

SilverBack Technologies - Managed IT Service Delivery Solutions SilverBack Simplifies IT Service Delivery. SilverBack software empowers solution providers to profitably deliver customized IT and security services to the midtier. The powerful delivery platform significantly reduces the operations costs associated with the initial set-up and ongoing management of thousands of remote customers while enforcing ITIL best practices. Leveraging combined SilverBack technology and business expertise, SilverBack partners are the most successful in the industry.
MSPs rely on SilverBack to help slash labor costs by a factor of 20:1 -
modify your services once and then push updates to thousands of
clients simultaneously.
ISVs and Application Developers leverage SilverBack to reduce service operations costs and to improve customer loyalty by remotely monitoring the availability of their software at client sites.
Vars and SIsuse SilverBack to accelerate entry into high-margin, recurring revenue services without a costly NOC or adding personnel.

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