Tuesday, January 31, 2006

StrikeIron - Web Services Business Network

www.strikeiron.com StrikeIron is the worldwide leader in Web services commercialization with its breakthrough StrikeIron Web Services Business Network (WSBizNet) that greatly simplifies the selling and buying of Web services for a broad audience of providers and users, while simultaneously supporting commercial Web services integration by ISVs and Solution Providers.

Overall, the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network provides an integrated set of capabilities designed to bring together providers, users and partners as part of a community to accelerate the adoption of commercial Web services. Key to this adoption is the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace as the preferred central location for Web services commerce where publishers and users can come together to sell and buy Web services on top of a powerful technology platform.


StrikeIron has one clear mission:
Providing the preferred ecommerce platform that will allow a broader market of publishers to commercialize Web services, users to buy Web services and partners to integrate Web services into their applications.

As a result, business users and developers will be able to develop new ways of doing business that take advantage of the wealth of global information and functionality made accessible by the emerging set of Web services technologies and Service Oriented Architectures.

“Web services” allow businesses to integrate their internal computer systems, leverage legacy systems, and automate communication with their business partners in ways never before possible. In the same way that email brought people together over the Internet, Web services will bring computer systems together facilitating the next great revolution in software usability. Just as Web services will change how software is developed, StrikeIron will change the way we sell and buy commercial Web services.

StrikeIron Advantage

The StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is the first online commerce platform specifically designed to broaden the ability to self-commercialize Web services and provide a more efficient and accessible Web Services Marketplace.

The StrikeIron team has brought together years of experience commercializing Web services to produce the first self-publishing system with the flexibility and micro-transaction management required for facilitating The Web Services Marketplace. They have coupled this with years of developing more user friendly products to create a new level of ease of use allowing a broader market to discover, try, buy and utilize Web services.

Users of the Web Services Business Network will enjoy a combination of simplicity and power when trying, subscribing, and managing the utilization of multiple Web services. Providers have access to a new level of automated self-publishing capabilities with incredible flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of business models. ISVs have an easier way to quickly integrate real-time functionality and data access in their applications to provide new value and a competitive edge in the market.

Technology: StrikeIron Web Services Commerce Platform

The StrikeIron Web Services Commerce Platform forms the foundation for the Web Services Business Network. It is built on a technology-rich Web services commerce platform that solves the problem of providing consistent and automated self-publishing features, while still providing flexible access capabilities and pricing structures along with the requirements for micro-transaction processing of multiple Web services across multiple users.

The platform also solves the problem of inconsistent licensing and documentation schemes by providing simplified licensing and trial capabilities, integrated enhanced documentation and integrated tools and services to simplify the ability to find, try, buy and manage many varying types of Web services.

Providers who publish in the StrikeIron Marketplace have access to a complete range of services including authentication, billing and accounting, usage reporting, user tracking, security, uptime monitoring, choice of protocol, redundancy, analysis tools, productivity tools, documentation tools and more!

Users who subscribe through the StrikeIron Marketplace have instant access to a rich set of functionality and data and can take advantage of more flexible choices of protocols, simplified sign-on, simplified billing and accounting, flexible pricing alternatives, and integrated tools and services to accelerate their utilization.

The StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is a logical and needed extension of SOA implementations requiring integration of data and functionality external to companies and provides a trusted and reliable platform with the flexibility to handle small to large implementation requirements at a more economical cost.

StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is the Delivery Vehicle

The StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is the leading Internet-based Web Services commerce platform providing an online Web services marketplace for thousands of creators of Web services to commercially publish their innovations, and to enable potentially millions of users to find and utilize Web services content.

The StrikeIron Web Services Business Network includes the complete commercialization infrastructure and necessary technologies to enable incredibly easy and efficient publishing and utilization. Its breakthrough self-service automation and ease of use will enable rapid expansion, creating a growing community of publishers invested in StrikeIron’s success. This will enable the broadest available marketplace of trusted Web services resulting in StrikeIron becoming the preferred site for Web services content.

In addition to providing the platform to publish, commercialize and utilize Web services content, this Web-based platform is unique in providing integrated enabling technologies and on-demand online services to simplify working with Web services all the way to the desktop. This differentiation enables a broader adoption of Web services by users and publishers through its focus on ease of use and accessibility, thereby increasing the reach and applicability of the platform.

Overall, this creates a community based around the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network, which becomes a vast network of individuals, businesses and other organizations worldwide facilitating a self-perpetuating market expansion.

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