Thursday, January 26, 2006

Janeeva - Out Tasking Management A few miles from Janeeva’s headquarters, 100 years ago, Henry Ford built a plant to manufacture the Model T automobile. A marvel of vertical integration, the plant manufactured everything from rolled steel to axles, car bodies to engines. The plant even made its own glass. It was possible to make everything internally because the Model T was composed of only 700 parts. In today’s car, the radio alone has more parts.

The increased complexity of manufacturing gave rise to the outsourcing industry. New companies sprang up that specialized in manufacturing just one part of the entire product. The automotive industry took advantage of outsourcing because these specialty companies could manufacture the parts faster, better and cheaper than could be done in-house.

Just as with manufacturing, back-office work has become increasingly complex. And, as with manufacturing, the solution to the increasing complexity of back-office work is to do less of it in-house, or, to outsource. However, while manufacturing is a discreet process, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) tends to be a continuous process. It requires management and cross-cultural understanding to achieve and maintain a good working relationship. White-collar work is much less structured and rule-bound than manufacturing processes. Unstructured work is difficult to perform over long distances and without active direction and management workers are apt to get lost.

The paradigm shift occurring right now has been brought about by the Internet enabling of offshore (transferring work from one country to another) outsourcing (moving work from one company to another) and a truly global economy. Janeeva is at the forefront of this shift, supplying software products and services to those leaders in the economy riding the wave of the benefits (faster, better, cheaper) of outsourcing.

Janeeva executives, mindful of the opportunities that paradigm shifts present, positioned Janeeva to enable the offshoring shift to happen faster, with less stress, and with guaranteed results for clients.

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