Thursday, January 26, 2006

Corente - On Demand applications delivery Corente's software and services provide on-demand applications delivery with integrated security and performance monitoring, alerting, and reporting. Corente also provides automated provisioning, configuration, and management with a design that delivers a complete environment for distributed applications. Our solution is built on a comprehensive yet simple, flexible, and resilient business process to deploy, secure, and manage globally distributed applications. Corente's solution is available as an on-demand service or as a software suite that allows customers to create their own on-demand environment. We are an IBM On Demand partner.

With Corente's solution, enterprises can rapidly and securely deploy applications to their locations, customers, and business partners. The ease and reliability of this delivery creates opportunities to enhance customer service, improve efficiency, speed decision-making, and promote business transparency. Solution providers can differentiate their IP services by implementing a suite of automated managed services.

With locations in over 50 countries, Corente's customers include many premier brands that utilized application-driven or business-driven decision making, are focused on a customer-intimate service delivery strategy, and whose profitability is driven by the quality, availability, and performance of their networks. These customers include Illinois Tool Works, SAIC, the United Nations, and Mitsubishi.

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