Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kronos - Workforce Management

www.kronos.com Kronos is the most trusted name in workforce management. Organizations turn to Kronos for help managing every phase of the employee relationship including staffing, developing, deploying, tracking, and rewarding the workforce. The end result is reduced costs, increased productivity, better decision-making, improved employee satisfaction, and alignment with organizational objectives.

Unlike traditional HRMS vendors who primarily deliver value to HR and payroll managers, or niche workforce management vendors who cater to specific groups of employees, Kronos delivers value to the entire workforce. By managing salaried, hourly, remote, mobile, and contingent workers through one comprehensive system, everyone from the CEO to the frontline manager can make better decisions and work more effectively.

Addressing a wider range of payment and deployment preferences, Kronos announced Kronos Subscription, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) alternative for its Workforce Central® suite. Now all organizations can reap the benefits of the world's most widely adopted suite of workforce management applications, available on a perpetual license or subscription basis and deployable on site or hosted off-premises.

Kronos Subscription allows Kronos to attract organizations that we have not historically targeted — those with a pre-determined subscription pricing preference. Software payment and deployment options are broadening and some organizations now prefer an off-premises, fully managed subscription pricing alternative. As the leader in workforce management, we are committed to providing customers with an array of payment and deployment options to meet their individual needs. Driving this commitment is our unwavering focus on solving customers' workforce-related business problems.

Addressing market needs with unparalleled flexibility

Software-as-a-Service — where customers rent rather than purchase software licenses — is gaining interest for enterprise applications, particularly among small- and mid-size organizations. While this alternative is gaining interest, there will continue to be strong customer demand for on-site licensed software applications. In response to these market dynamics, Kronos now provides a range of alternatives, offering solutions on both a perpetual license basis and a subscription basis. Customers have the flexibility to choose deployment on site or hosted off-premises. Kronos' procurement alternatives are equally flexible, with options to license or lease the applications, or subscribe to a hosted solution.

Whether our customers choose to apply Kronos solutions on an enterprise scale, or leverage them as point solutions to address key business objectives, they all use Kronos to improve the performance of their people and their business.

We became the most trusted name in workforce management by delivering value through our time-tested and people-proven service approach to 20 million people within some of the world's most recognized organizations. We offer our solutions to a diverse array of industries, including education, government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail.

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