Thursday, January 26, 2006

SingleStep - Enabling Autonomic Computing At Singlestep, we develop integration software and solutions that help our customers bring together existing networking investments, information and experiences so they can manage their operations more effectively. We refer to this process as Integrated Intelligence, and it allows organizations to get one step closer to delivering smooth business services via their network.

Technology Vendors
Singlestep Information Management (SIM) Program serves the IT market by providing integration and data transformation capabilities to global technology vendors who deliver an IT and Business Alignment strategy.

Enterprise Businesses
With a complex environment, coupled with complex operations the Enterprise customer faces challenges from disparate systems to overwhelming events of IT warnings and errors. To handle this, Singlestep brings your information together, filter noise, and reduce the time you spend finding the root cause of a problem.

Small to Medium Businesses
Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program simplifies the technical difficulties and business challenges by providing data integration and analysis for your customers� existing monitoring and management tools. Our program includes a full range of training, support and resources along side our Unity solution.

Maximize current network investments through integration
The promise of many investments in networking has been that companies will end up with a unified IT infrastructure that makes them more productive and lowers their cost of doing business. Unfortunately as organizations invest heavily in time, tools, and talent to realize this vision, they usually fall short of this goal. In order to manage the complex networks that many companies use, their IT departments have had to buy several different, incompatible management products. This in turn creates isolated silos of data across the company, limiting access to information, reducing efficiencies and increasing risk - just the opposite of what the company wanted in the first place. This situation forces IT staff to become the mental glue that integrates the various network components and provide crucial data to business decision makers.

We enable IT departments to fix problems in their network faster
Our products allow IT staff to easily integrate their knowledge and experience with the information generated by their existing network management systems and to bring this critical information into one, intelligent, user-defined interface. Now IT staff can more efficiently do their job - set up the network, keep it up and running despite vendor outages, and continually modify it to fit changing business requirements - while dealing with the demands of increased responsibility and flat or shrinking budgets.

Enterprises and Outsourced Service providers are turning to Singlestep to help them get a return from their previous technology and networking investments and integrate the silos of data within their organizations.

Our History: From Rock to NOC
The Singlestep team came together in the early 90's with a shared vision: create technology to empower people. Our patented integration technology platform, VNOS, (the Visual Network Object System) was the first step in realizing this goal. Through its robust messaging engine and an intuitive, user-defined interface, VNOS allows networked devices, applications or systems to be easily integrated for any specified intent. With VNOS we successfully launched a revolutionary product into the pro-audio market.

Using VNOS, audio engineers were able to create and manage complex systems through a visual interface on a computer. VNOS was deployed in major venues like the Houston Astrodome and the Portland Rose Garden, and went on the road with U2's Zoo TV Tour, Jimmy Buffett, and the Grateful Dead. Pro-audio manufacturers like Yamaha, Gibson, Carver and others began shipping VNOS with their products so they would instantly integrate with products from other manufacturers allowing powerful networks to be easily created.

In the late 1990s, Singlestep left the pro-audio market and, beginning in late 2000, focused on similar problems and challenges in the IT management market. We have focused our efforts on solving challenges that companies face in managing all the applications and devices that make up their network infrastructure. On average, most companies have half a dozen different network management systems within their infrastructure, each generating critical data. Our first application brings all of this information into one coherent view with built-in workflow to make it easier to go from discovery to resolution of network problems and outages.

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