Thursday, January 26, 2006

noHold - Web based self-service solutions noHold is the leader in self-service and call center agent-assisted knowledge management. Our primary differential advantage is that our Web-based tools are the most diagnostic in our market space and give the user the single best answer or solution to their question or problem. Using our patented technology, combining a Natural Language Processor and Inferential Engine, users engage with Virtual Agents that mimic the human call center experience. We create Virtual Agents that compete for customer preference with more costly alternatives like call centers for the customer’s preference.

Our products assist major corporations in changing user preference from the more expensive mediums of voice (phones), chat, and email to the lower cost of Web self-service delivery.

We integrate with all standards-based applications -- including the leading CRM and Help Desk products -- to produce an integrated landscape, optimizing the customer experience.

A hallmark of our tools is the ease of deployment and ease of management. Typically, solutions are up and running in 6 to 8 weeks. Our products have built in editing, management and workflow functionality.

Our technology has been deployed by prominent global brands such as Aspect Communications, Hughes Network Systems, Extreme Networks, and Logitech. It has enabled all of our customers to lower the cost of support -- while increasing customer satisfaction. Every one of our customers has procured more software after their initial orders.

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