Thursday, January 26, 2006

LogicWorks --Managed Hosting Solutions - ASP/SaaS Should I patch my OS or my application?

If you are an Application Service Provider (ASP) or deliver Software as a Service (SaaS), the Internet is your lifeline. You have extended a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to your customers, and now must not only meet your own stringent requirements for quality, but also the expectations of those who rely on you for their success. Your business is an inverted pyramid, with your company at the bottom.

Traditionally, ASPs had to provide and maintain everything the business required to launch and sustain itself: the application; developers; system administrators; any commercial software required to run the application; and a full self-maintained infrastructure. Application development itself was tricky, and delivery of the applications was further complicated by a lack of standards.

Today, ASPs are resurging, not because the concept is cool once more, but because the business world is embracing outsourcing. ASPs (and SaaS) are benefiting from a maturing of several technologies or standards (Web Service 2.0, AJAX, .Net, Java), finally allowing for the fulfillment of promises years yonder. AJAX in particular, while not a technology per se, is putting the Web on the map for true application delivery.

With success comes growth. With growth comes additional responsibility, as well as turmoil—usually in the form of scalability, staffing, and prioritization. Is your time best spent on your customers and your application? Or should you also be diverting valuable time to hardware purchasing and provisioning, security, backups, OS patching, and 24/7 staffing?

With Logicworks as your hosting partner, you gain not just the hardware through which to deliver your software or service, but also a team that is experienced in helping you grow. Call or email us to learn more about the full benefits of managed hosting, easy migration, and scalable development environments.

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