Tuesday, January 31, 2006

7Global - The Managed Services Company

www.7global.com global is one of the largest and longest established Managed IT service providers in the UK. Organisations trust 7global because of its market leading position, its reputation of providing first-class services for over six years and because its data centres are protected by tight security.

7global delivers Managed Services to hundreds of companies and thousands of users from both private and public organisations including: Sainsbury’s, Microsoft, BBC, Kurt Geiger, Kronos Systems, KCS, Konica Minolta, Northgate, Auto Data Network, Global Range, EMI, Commerzbank, Sony, Visualfiles and Wanadoo.


Businesses and Independent Software Vendors rely on 7global to manage part or all of their IT infrastructure and applications:

* Managed Hosting Services – 7global offers greater availability, redundancy, scalability and quality than can be attained with in-house hosting. For a fixed, predictable monthly charge, with no up-front capital costs, we manage our customers IT infrastructure, enabling them to focus on their business.
* Managed Data Centre Services - From a highly secure data centre housed in a former Bank of England building, 7global provides top-level security in unstable times. We provide our clients with access to a complete range of co-location solutions enabling them to benefit from a secure, cost-effective, high-performance infrastructure for their server and networking equipment without significant investment, while allowing for future growth.
* Managed On-Demand Applications - 7global delivers a full suite of ‘On-Demand’ business applications, through partnerships with some of the world's leading software companies. Our On-Demand applications allow you to buy Software-as-a-Service and get up and running faster and cheaper, while we take the worry out of application maintenance, management, support, upgrades, personnel turnover and the complexities of providing application and data access to remote and mobile users.
* Managed Data Services - Guaranteed resilience and flexibility, 7global solutions cover the full range of data protection and data management requirements from disaster recovery, anti-virus, anti-spam to content management.
* Managed Network Services - Designed to radically ease business networking pressures, by taking over all aspects of the running of your networks, including public/private network connectivity, managed firewalls and managed VPNs. Enjoy improved performance, increased protection and forward planning for your business.


7global has established key alliances with leading technology infrastructure companies (e.g. Microsoft, Citrix and Progress Software) to help us rapidly deliver high-performance business and technology solutions for our customer.

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