Sunday, January 29, 2006

SciQuest - Supplier, Procurement and Materials Mgt Bring more spend under management when you let SciQuest handle your Supplier Management Strategy. SciQuest helps customers gain greater control and visibility over their spend by connecting to their suppliers. Broader supplier participation helps organizations unlock more value from supplier relationships and drive greater user adoption of existing systems.

SciQuest's Supplier Management Solutions include:

o Highly configurable search and shopping tools
o Rapid enablement of supplier content and connectivity
o Ongoing supplier content management
o Maintenance of supplier integrations with procurement and ERP Systems (Enterprise Solutions)

Integrating a broad base of suppliers drives user adoption – increasing the quality and quantity of your spend data. You can then use that detailed spend data to improve sourcing efforts – generating sustainable savings from your spend management efforts.

Through its supplier network, SciQuest aggregates detailed supplier content and enables supplier connectivity, providing a purchasing experience that drives user adoption and contract compliance.

By leveraging SciQuest's expertise in on-demand supplier management and procurement automation, customers can rapidly improve efficiency and capture significant savings.

SciQuest Solution Suite
Supplier Management
Spend Director and the SciQuest Supplier Network enhance existing procurement systems with content and connectivity to increase on-catalog and on-contract spending, and spend and transaction visibility.

Procurement Automation
SciQuest's procurement automation solutions enhance purchasing processes to reduce cost, improve productivity and increase visibility into organization-wide spend.

Materials Management
SciQuest's materials management solutions allow organizations to maximize visibility and use of internal inventory through its supplies, chemical and biological tools while minimizing disposal costs and health and safety risks.

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