Thursday, January 26, 2006

Packeteer - Give key applications the priority they deserve Packeteer (NASDAQ: PKTR), founded in 1996 and headquartered in Cupertino, California, is the pioneer and global leader in WAN Application Traffic Management. Packeteer solutions combine a family of scalable appliances with patented software capabilities to deliver unmatched visibility, control, acceleration, and management of application traffic across WAN and Internet links. These solutions help align network and application resources with the priorities of the business, optimizing performance and reducing operational costs in the process. Packeteer solutions are sold through a global network of VARs, distributors, and system integrators, and are backed a 24X7 global service and support organization.


The rapid proliferation of Internet computing has given rise to the "distributed enterprise" - with offices and users often separated by hundreds or thousands of miles. This, in turn, has created new demands and challenges for the wide-area network (WAN) as a strategically important resource to connect all users across the distributed enterprise, and provide them with fast, reliable access to the applications and information they need to conduct business. As the corporate WAN continues to evolve, it will support not only critical data applications, but also voice and video traffic. Comprehensive application traffic management solutions will be increasingly deployed in conjunction with MPLS-based WANs to support converged voice/video/data traffic, improve WAN QoS, and ensure optimal return on WAN service investments.

Packeteer monitoring solutions begin by automatically classifying more than 400 specific types of application traffic that consume costly WAN bandwidth. Packeteer can also reveal how these apps perform, who is using them, and which ones are causing performance problems. From there, IT managers can use Packeteer to assign customized QoS and bandwidth policies for business-critical applications to ensure optimal control and performance, while limiting or blocking bandwidth used by recreational or potentially malicious applications. Performance can be further accelerated through Packeteer's intelligent compression technology which yields up to 10X compression gains on certain traffic types, thus relieving congestion and creating more available bandwidth for other applications. Finally, Packeteer offers system-wide reporting and policy management applications to simplify administration of large-scale deployments. No other solution on the market offers this comprehensive set of integrated capabilities which help make Packeteer the global market leader in Application Traffic Management.

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