Sunday, January 29, 2006

WebSideStory - On Demand Digital Marketing Solutions We are proud to announce that WebSideStory’s acquisition of Atomz is complete. The Atomz and WebSideStory solutions have been combined to create the Active Marketing Suite – the industry’s first integrated suite of on-demand, digital marketing services.

A successful Web site is essential for your business. Whether your goal is to drive revenue, generate leads, inform visitors or serve customers, you need an online presence that is responsive to the needs of your customers and responsive to the demands of your business. Atomz On-Demand Web Site Solutions can help you deliver. The bottom line: a Web site that works to meet your business goals.

Integrated solutions drive better results

Atomz On-Demand Web Site Solutions can improve the effectiveness of your online business. Our integrated applications for search, content management, promotions and e-marketing enable you to create a better visitor experience. And because they are designed for business users, Atomz solutions help you streamline internal web processes and increase your Web site agility.
On-Demand delivers value without compromising flexibility

Atomz On-Demand delivery provides you with all of the benefits of a comprehensive solution while dramatically reducing the time, cost and effort needed to get results. Because Atomz works with your existing infrastructure, there is no need to redesign, rebuild or re-implement your Web site. More importantly, you don’t have to compromise on your critical IT requirements. Uptime guarantees, strong security, and easy configuration ensure that your Web site has industrial strength dependability and flexibility.
Proven success with over 250 leading enterprises

Regardless of your industry, Atomz has helped companies just like you succeed. More organizations use Atomz to drive their online business needs than any other provider – making our infrastructure among the top trafficked on the Web. In addition, our expertise provides you with the best practices that ensure success.

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