Thursday, January 26, 2006

nSite - Quote and channel management your way Nsite provides low cost, on demand, self service Quote, Proposal and Channel Management solutions that companies can easily customize to exactly match how they do business with customers and channel partners. Unlike the typical "running sales by spreadsheet", with Nsite organizations get instant visibility and control so they can manage their sales channels more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage.

Nsite has introduced the world to a powerful new way to easily customize applications to exactly match the unique requirements of individual companies. For far too long business has had to work around the constraints of enterprise software. With Nsite Quote, Proposal and Channel Management applications customers can easily make their own changes and enhancements without the help of IT or high-priced vendors. To make a change to the applications, users with the right security privileges can simply click an edit button and use the drag and drop, drag and move, table and grid metaphors to easily change labels, add functionality and move objects around the application.

Nsite automates quote, proposal and channel management processes that require judgment, decision making and approval and are currently being done using e-mail with attachments, faxing and paper. The AJAX-enabled Nsite On Demand platform makes customizing and building applications faster and more affordable than ever. Delivered as a subscription-based service via the web and hosted by IBM, Nsite enables continuous improvement of user-driven processes. Today over 7,000 users in 21 countries are accessing Nsite to customize, build and automate a wide variety of people-centric processes and applications.


Nsite was created to solve the problem of automating highly dynamic people-to-people approval processes in small and medium businesses. These are processes that traditional packaged applications have failed to address because they are too inflexible to manage the variability in most standard operating procedures. The innovative approach Nsite takes harvests the knowledge of the organization in real-time, including actual business policies and process patterns, and allows users to gain control over manual processes and gain visibility to bottlenecks and process flows.

The success of Nsite is a direct result of our absolute commitment to the success of our customers and partners. Many of our customers see immediate gains in productivity after only a few days of using the Nsite service.

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