Sunday, January 29, 2006

NetASPx - Your applications, your service, guaranteed netASPx has developed a wide range of service offerings to support our customers’ ERP software, and High Performance Computing needs. Our managed applications services are focused on Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, Payroll and Supply Chain Management. We deliver Operations Services and Professional Services designed for Lawson Software, Kronos, and complementary applications, enabling our customers to leverage their investment in business management software, making it run more efficiently and effectively. netASPx believes in making only the commitments we can keep, and keeping all the commitments we make. Combined with our focused expertise, disciplined process, and extensive knowledge repository, netASPx’ performance has made us the market leading managed applications provider.

With facilities and infrastructure designed specifically to support Lawson Software and complementary applications, netASPx is the premier Lawson managed applications provider. Our guarantee to deliver on the commitments we make to our customers, combined with our focused expertise, disciplined process, and extensive knowledge repository has made us the market leader.

Working with netASPx, our customers realize the following three key benefits:

1. netASPx drives down Total Cost of Ownership.
2. netASPx manages the risk associated with applications.
3. netASPx delivers superior service levels.

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