Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rearden Commerce - Services On Demand

www.reardencommerce.com A global online marketplace for services of all kinds. Accessible from any device, any location, on any web browser. Delivered through a single, unified commerce platform. With embedded intelligence that tracks user preferences and procurement policies. Enabling buyers and suppliers of services and business processes to transact in an automated, personalized, and pervasive manner. On-demand. You've heard the promise. Rearden Commerce delivers the reality.

The Rearden Commerce Platform is the industry's first Web Services-based technology architecture for delivering Services On-Demand. Our initial application addresses the procurement of Employee Business Services (EBS). For the first time, companies can manage, and employees can consume, all Employee Business Services from a single application via a simple, consistent user interface. Until Rearden Commerce, an integrated platform for procuring services in the enterprise simply didn't exist.
A Five-Year Development Lead

Commencing operations in 1999, Rearden Commerce invested the last five years in solving the difficult technology challenges required to create a proven, scalable Web Services-based commerce platform. Today, we have a substantial intellectual property lead with a large and growing patent portfolio. And, we've built intelligence into our global commerce platform to support the next frontier— true user-centric computing.

The Rearden Commerce Platform represents a user-centric computing model, the first to deliver on the promise of Services On-Demand™. Unique attributes of the model include:

* On-Demand Service Delivery. Businesses make no investments in hardware or software purchase and maintenance. Instead, applications run on the Rearden Commerce Platform at the Rearden data center, allowing the enterprise to focus on its core business competency.
* Extensibility. New applications and features are instantly available to users. No shipping delays, no downloads, no scheduling windows for upgrades.
* Manageability. Procurement groups can implement policies and rules and view reports with a click, from any web browser.
* Usability. Rearden and its partners can develop distributed applications that are exceptionally easy to use, empowering companies to provide their employees with business solutions that are better, faster, and more readily adopted.
* Support for a New Breed of Applications. The standards-based Description, Discovery, and Delivery of the services built on the Rearden Commerce Platform enable a new breed of applications, built by orchestrating services across vertical services such as travel and dining.

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