Tuesday, January 31, 2006

nuBridges - Connecting businesses in real time

www.nubridges.com Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, nuBridges is a business-to-business solution provider offering products and services that help companies connect, integrate and manage their business partner trading communities. Using solutions and services offered by nuBridges, organizations are able to exchange information electronically to promote collaboration, improve value chain visibility and reduce their total cost of conducting business within their trading communities.

nuBridges has announced truExchange Data Secure, a new software and services offering that provides field- and file-level encryption of data residing on iSeries servers. Data Secure is aimed squarely at preventing the type of accidental loss of customer data that leads to identity theft, which is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stomach as a result of new state and federal laws, as well as consumer lawsuits and financial punishment enacted by shareholders.

Whether enabling suppliers’ responsiveness to their customers’ needs or customizing relationship management systems, nuBridges’ comprehensive options ensure flexibility to meet specific customer requirements reliably and securely with a minimal investment of time and resources. Optimized to increase ordering and invoicing accuracy, automate data entry, and exchange mission-critical information rapidly and seamlessly, nuBridges’ solutions allow companies to gain rapid returns on their investments and respond quickly to market demands to gain competitive advantage.

nuBridges developed a business-to-business technology platform leveraging over $20 million worth of development using open-source technologies. This open-source foundation allows nuBridges to draw from the ongoing innovations developed in the global technical community. The open-source foundation allows quick development of components to fulfill market demand for tools including business activity monitoring, business process management, change management and others that scale to customers’ needs.

The advantage to nuBridges’ customers is they receive valuable software and services that make it easy and affordable for their businesses to connect with their customers and suppliers regardless of their technological landscape. nuBridges’ solutions minimize requirements for internal resources, leverage a customer’s current infrastructure and processes, and provide tools for the rapid addition and enablement of trading partners to an adaptive eBusiness environment.

Privately-held, nuBridges is led by eBusiness pioneers and visionaries positioned on the leading edge of electronic business-to-business. This team delivered industry-leading solutions to over 40,000 customers worldwide. As former members of the Harbinger team, they earned a reputation for industry-leading customer service. This customer-first culture carries over to nuBridges and is a key aspect in everything nuBridges does.

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