Thursday, January 26, 2006

Syclo - Delivering mobile solutions to the enterprise A Tradition of Innovation and Dedication

In just ten years, Syclo's Agentry™ technology and its dedicated team of professionals have helped the company become a leader in providing mobile and wireless access to enterprise data and applications. In 1989, Richard Padula founded Competitive Advantage Systems, a consulting practice devoted to developing large-scale enterprise applications. After building a mobile solutions for Sprint, Rich recognized the high-growth opportunity in this market and founded Syclo in 1995. That same year, Syclo began developing its cornerstone technology, Agentry, a platform for extending enterprise systems and content onto mobile devices. In 1997, the company released SIM (Syclo Information Manager), one of the first solutions to enable access to corporate email, calendars and tasks via Web-enabled mobile phones and palmtop computers.

Later that year, Syclo introduced SMART--originally a software solution for technicians using Windows CE palmtops--which would evolve to become the most popular mobile software for maintenance organizations worldwide. Today SMART is used daily by thousands of technicians to access and update work orders and help organizations maximize productivity, extend asset life and keep operating costs low.

The strength of its mobile technology and a number of key customer wins led the company to develop strong alliances with leading software manufacturers such as MRO Software, which has built its Maximo Mobile Suite on Syclo's Agentry.

Today, Syclo continues to build custom mobile solutions for its customers through its mobile consulting practice and is also licensing its Agentry development platform to companies that want to develop their own mobile products. The company continues to innovate out-of-the-box software solutions that plug into leading backend systems and provide mobile access from a variety of popular handheld devices. With over 500 customers worldwide, Syclo's current focus is on developing targeted applications to serve a variety of industries.

At Syclo, we make companies more efficient through the use of handheld computers. Running software from Syclo, these handheld computers act as electronic clipboards to eliminate paperwork and improve productivity.

For ten years Syclo has delivered mobile solutions to over 550 customers in a wide variety of industries. See our industry profiles...

Delivering Results
Syclo's clients are reaping strong and sustained value from their mobile deployments. View more examples of mobile value...

A leading manufacturer reduced the cost of a single work ticket from over $10.00 to 85¢--and they complete more than 120,000 work orders each year.
A major hospital, after a low initial investment, has operating savings of more than $1.2MM a year.

Real Products & Value
Syclo has products that easily integrate into your existing systems. All Syclo products, including the Maximo Mobile Suite, are built on Agentry™ technology, which makes them 100% configurable without programming. More about our SMART Suite products...

Work Manager - Technicians receive and complete work orders and service requests.
Inventory Manager - Streamline inventory management to keep storerooms running smoothly.
Auditor/Inspector - For audits, inspections, regulatory compliance, and security.

Mobile Made Easy
With our Agentry platform, 80% of the work is done before you start--just add the specific business logic to meet your needs and or select one or more of our SMART Works pre-built functional components. With no code to write, handheld applications can be built and deployed in a matter of weeks. Some companies license Agentry to build their own mobile solutions, while others leave it to us or one of our Agentry partners. Learn more about SMART Works and Agentry successes...

In 2 weeks a university automated dorm inspections.
In 8 weeks a software vendor built a mobile extension to their work management system.

Providing the Tools to Build a Custom Application
Syclo mobile applications share a common foundation--proven Agentry technology. Refined over the past eight years, the Agentry platform makes it easy for organizations to extend their backend applications to handheld devices.

With a developer workbench that requires no code writing, mobile applications can be built, tested and deployed in just weeks. Learn more about Syclo's Agentry technology...

* Build once, deploy on multiple devices.
* Centrally develop and maintain.
* Work in and out of wireless coverage.

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