Friday, January 27, 2006

Cybernation - Making the Complex, Simple The Next Generation of Enterprise Job Scheduling. Cybermation boasts an experienced and diverse senior management team, all of whom bring years of systems management and operations knowledge to the organization. Led by company founder and CEO Ray Nissan, this talented team has an outstanding track record of delivering leading-edge solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Cybermation provides automation solutions for Enterprise Job Scheduling and Software Change Management. As the largest and fastest growing vendor worldwide dedicated primarily to Enterprise Job Scheduling, Cybermation specializes in modernizing and simplifying complex IT infrastructures to help Data Center Managers pro-actively manage Service-Level Agreements, improve operational effectiveness and contain costs.

With a diverse group of globally recognized customers, Cybermation provides the foundation for the real-time infrastructure by enabling end-to-end IT workload and process automation.

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