Thursday, January 26, 2006

TeaLeaf Technology - Visibility into Online Services The TeaLeaf platform provides real-time, browser-level visibility into every customer's online experience. By enabling your company to immediately detect, analyze, and respond to problems preventing successful customer transactions, TeaLeaf maximizes conversion rates while minimizing support costs.How does that visibility help your customers be more successful? The TeaLeaf platform enables you to see and act upon exactly what each customer experiences, so interpretation is replaced by visibility. Using TeaLeaf RealiTea, you can:

* Detect obstacles that prevent customers from successfully using key e-business services
* Analyze the impact of those failures to determine the business impact and prioritize corrective action(s)
* Respond by providing rapid reproduction and repair of issues, informed customer-centric service, and alignment of IT and business objectives

TeaLeaf is committed to helping companies make sure that every customer can complete every transaction, every time. To date, our solution is used by leading companies, including more than 25 Fortune-class, in such industries as financial services, insurance, retail, travel, manufacturing, telecommunications, and business-to-business distribution.

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