Monday, January 23, 2006

Softrax - Enterprise Billing and Revenue Slutions for the SaaS Industry Vendors offering software as a service (SaaS) have new billing and revenue management processes that typically go beyond the capabilities of their current financial infrastructure. Pricing is highly variable and can include bundled services, upgrades and support. Each account requires a monthly bill that accurately presents charges for past transactions, current services, and future subscriptions. Integration with metering feeds is essential to operating at scale. Revenue accounting policies must be enforced throughout the process. Otherwise, revenue items, especially overage fees, can easily fall through the cracks.

Softrax simplifies things for you and your customers

Softrax provides a single platform that drives billing and accounting directly from customer contract and usage data. Spreadsheet accounting is a thing of the past. The moment an order is entered into Softrax all pricing, licensing, billing, and revenue accounting is fully automated. Complex pricing plans can be implemented and managed with ease. Customer specific billing is always timely, always accurate, even for overages. Tracking for expenses and commissions is built in.

In addition, account information is captured in a comprehensive database providing unprecedented performance analysis and forecasting capabilities. As a result, finance executives can optimize revenue, lower costs, and better manage the true growth drivers of the business.

Key Benefits

* Unify financial data and operations
* Tailor bill presentation to customer preferences
* Manage complex pricing schedules
* Automate revenue and expense accounting
* Easily integrate with metering and other usage tracking systems
* Enhance compliance initiatives
* Increase insight into business performance

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