Sunday, January 29, 2006

Silver Oak Solutions - Leaders in Spend Management Now part of outsourcing and Business Services firm CGI.

Silver Oak Solutions’ professionals have created $1.9 billion in annual, recurring, “hard dollar” savings for companies in the United States and abroad. We provide valuable procurement solutions to Fortune 1000 companies by offering personalized service, state of the art technology, and flexible purchasing solutions. Our processes are customized to work within your business environment, in order to maximize value and minimize cost. Silver Oak Solutions is the pioneer and leader in providing Spend Management solutions for the Government Sector. Currently, Silver Oak is working with nine state governments and one large municipal government to deliver significant savings on their purchased goods and services. We are dedicated to delivering the best value for taxpayer dollars through our Leveraged Purchasing Power® approach, which applies business best practices to the fiscal problems facing many states across the country.

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