Sunday, January 29, 2006

SPS Commerce - The EDI Software Alternative SPS Commerce is the leading provider of Hosted Integration Services to the retail and distribution supply chain. Through its online, software as a service platform, delivers technologies like EDI, UPC Catalogs, Item Synchronization and Online Ordering sites. With more than 52,000 manufacturers having used SPS’ services to connect to more than 700 retailers and distributors worldwide, SPS is the largest and fastest growing EDI service provider.

Why have more than 9,000 companies outsourced their EDI and other supply chain integration to SPS Commerce instead of using old-fashioned software applications?

As a service, SPS Commerce dramatically lowers the setup and on-going costs, along with the time and risks of supply chain integration by providing a superior alternative to complicated, tedious and expensive traditional software deployments.

Using software as a service enables companies to remain focused on their business operations and sales, not EDI. One customer noted that “with SPS Commerce, things are definitely operating more smoothly as we have seen our efficiency and productivity climb 35 percent.”

And its not just companies new to EDI that are making the switch to a service. One of SPS’ customers, Bel /Kaukauna (supplier of the popular “Laughing Cow” cheese), chose SPS Commerce and unplugged its internal EDI software.

SPS is already connected to your customers.

With more than 700 connections to retailers and distributors worldwide, SPS Commerce offers the most comprehensive reach of any EDI service. We connect manufacturers to retailers effortlessly because we team with the retailers to accommodate any changes to their transactions on your behalf. And, if we don’t have an established connection, our experts can rapidly develop and certify one in just days.

It’s EDI without the work.

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