Sunday, January 29, 2006

Digital Harbor - The Composite Applications Company Digital Harbor, The Composite Applications Company, got its start in the U.S. Defense Intelligence Community and has spent over $35M on R&D since 1997. Like many mainstream commercial organizations, the challenge for the U.S. intelligence community was that the number of applications and the raw amount of information was increasing geometrically, while budgets were only increasing incrementally. As the number and complexity of applications and information repositories grew, it was no longer possible to integrate them using traditional "static" approaches.

A better solution was to connect applications and people at run-time by giving end-users the ability to fuse information in their context dynamically. Digital Harbor's PiiETM platform was developed to provide major intelligence agencies and now, commercial enterprises, with a superior information integration solution and a unique approach to better information management by extending existing applications and data sources into dynamic Composite Applications.

Since Digital Harbor emerged from the US Defense Intelligence community; the US federal government continues to be a significant customer particularly in Intelligence, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security. Digital Harbor also works with civilian and state agencies that similarly look for ways to capture more value from their growing amounts data by combining it across systems. Mainstream organizations in Financial Services, Utilities, Manufacturing and Healthcare all have the same information fusion issues found in the government, where there are multiple stovepipes of data and application functionality that must be combined to provide users with the whole picture and give them the ability to act upon it. We are an IBM Business Partner.

Digital Harbor's vision is that Composite Applications will become the dominant paradigm for run-your-business solutions, as enterprises seek to leverage their existing information assets by connecting them to one another and by taking static, web-enabled applications and turning them into dynamic, network-centric applications.

Applications, in essence, must become smarter in order to enable people to make better decisions. That is, applications should capitalize on the intelligence that is embedded in the network of relationships between pieces of information and the functionality that exists in different systems. In pursuit of that vision, Digital Harbor delivers enterprises a holistic solution that improves the speed and quality of the information that flows through the organization by more seamlessly tying together the data, applications, and people that use them through a fully composite solution. The end-game: give enterprises more value from their IT assets by contextualizing information so applications more closely match the way people think and act.

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