Sunday, January 29, 2006

ARC Systems - Automated Underwitings for the Mortgage Industry From Main Street to Wall Street, ARC Systems is revolutionizing the way the mortgage industry does business. Our applications range from streamlined product/pricing engines to integrated solutions that can originate, underwrite, fund, and close loans. ARC Systems' dynamic decisioning technology helps lenders boost their productivity, and investors purchase with confidence. As the first company to automate underwriting for the nonprime market, we know the mortgage industry from point-of-sale to securitizations. Learn how you can benefit from our years of mortgage experience and technological expertise.

Advanced Resource Computer Systems was founded in 1984 by Ed Jones, the company's current president and chief executive officer. Between 1984 and 1993, ARC Systems developed a number of custom systems for several different industries: banking, financial services, state government and health care.

In 1994, the company's efforts were refocused on the real estate and mortgage industry. We designed LOT$PRO, a loan origination and tracking system, for a second mortgage lender. The mortgage industry knowledge gained through LOT$PRO's development later bore fruit in the industry-leading, totally Web based LendTechTM Mortgage family of products.

Today, the LendTech family encompasses LendTech Mortgage, LendTech Warehouse, LendTech Investor, LendTech HomeEquity, and LendTech Black Box. Our experienced management team is dedicated to helping our clients build their business with products that provide value and excellent return on investment.

ARC Systems is committed to providing essential data and services for our clients via our world-class facility. Our security includes redundant hardware and network design which limits our vulnerability to environmental or system-wide disturbances.

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