Friday, January 27, 2006

Spoke - We'll Get You In - Prospecting and Introductions Access to 28,844,647 relationships in 500,700 companies. Spoke is an innovative service for sales prospecting and lead generation allowing you to search for the exact titles you want at specific companies, so you can find more buyers, faster. Integrates through AppExchange to

Spoke was built to be the ultimate sales prospecting tool. By enabling sales professionals to leverage an extended network of nearly 30 million people at over 500,000 companies, Spoke delivers the information and access needed to get access to new accounts and accelerate the sales cycle.
Almost every sales organization suffers from the same problem: getting sufficient leads. Filling your pipeline is critical to hitting your number, and often times there just aren't enough prospects and leads to follow-up on. That's where Spoke comes in. Spoke allows you to search by name, title, company, geography, industry and other criteria to find the best prospects at your accounts. Then, Spoke provides the information on those people you need to get access to those decision makers.

Spoke also lets you and your sales reps cultivate leads from the collective relationships held within your organization. Spoke users can easily use the system to tap into your organization's executive-level contacts, identify people they know who may be able to introduce them to an account, and keep in touch with colleagues who could become buyers. With Spoke, your sales team can ensure that they are leaving no stone un-turned for penetrating an account.

And with Spoke Premium, corporate customers can instantly build out their pipeline by adding prospects they find in Spoke to leading CRM systems, such as™ or Siebel CRM OnDemand™, with the click of a button. Users can even download prospects to a spreadsheet for calling lists or direct marketing campaigns. With Spoke, your sales team has un-paralleled visibility and access to accounts—resulting in more leads and more deals.

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