Friday, January 27, 2006

CommercialWare - Point of Sale & Retail Mgt Systems CommercialWare is a leading developer of award-winning software solutions that offer cross-channel functionality to retailers and direct marketers - small and large - seeking to optimize transactions from all customer touch points. CommercialWare's comprehensive portfolio of standalone products and ASP-based services provide cross-channel infrastructure linking all aspects of the transaction lifecycle through point-of-sale, back-office, order management, fulfillment, customer service, collaboration and analytics applications.

CommercialWare's point of sale software and retail management software system are engineered to easily adapt to your company's unique checkout process. Whether it is consultative selling or high-volume express point of sale (POS) transaction processing, the retail management system and associated software can easily be personalized to fit your point of sale retail business model.

CommercialWare believe that the software as a service (SaaS) model allows companies to implement state-of-the-industry business applications and automate their business processes without investing in hardware, software, and staffing.

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