Sunday, January 29, 2006

FfastFill - The ASP Serving the needs of the electronic trading community FFastFill is a publicly-owned company that designs and delivers application services for the electronic trading community. These services provide full application functionality for retail and institutional clients allowing intermediaries and their clients to manage trading and financial risk in real-time across a wide range of products and exchanges without the need to invest in technology infrastructure or staff.

All FFastFill’s services are delivered against a contracted Service Level Agreement (SLA) that can be tailored to the institutions business requirements. FFastFill provides these services from specialist operational centres in London and Chicago and a software development centre in Prague.

FFastFill is leading the way in providing such high quality services to the electronic trading community. It is achieving this by:-

* Engineering a completely new software, hardware and network architecture which can sustain levels of performance and availability not previously achievable
* Managing the service through combining a world-class team of people experienced in operating complex service platforms with a sophisticated service management system built around some of the latest technologies
* Delivering a successful trading experience to its customers by providing the flexibility to integrate FFastFill’s own market-leading service with specialist capability from complementary suppliers to provide our clients with a tailored solution to their unique requirements

With Operational Excellence as its watchwords, FFastFill is continuing to invest in the skills, tools and technologies which will keep the company in its premier position in the market.

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