Thursday, January 26, 2006

WebEx - Web Conferencing WebEx creates solutions for organizations worldwide to meet their most ambitious goals for marketing, sales, training, and support including:

* WebEx Meeting Center™ to keep teams coordinated and projects on track
* WebEx Sales Center to accelerate sales cycles and close more deals
* WebEx Event Center™ to maximize the impact of large online events
* WebEx Training Center to deliver engaging interactive training
* WebEx Support Center to support remote users as easily as if they were on site

Founded in 1996 WebEx has grown into the worldwide leader in online meeting applications, with 12,000 customers around the world. On an average day more than 30,000 meetings take place over the WebEx MediaTone Network. On a busy day that number can exceed 150,000. Our 1,800 employees ensure that our technological advances continue without sacrificing the reliability and security that enables on-demand collaboration. Our customers understand why we are the proven technology leader, with first-class global support.

How WebEx became the #1 web conference provider in the world
WebEx began with a vision: to use the Web to bring people together from around the world to collaborate and work collectively on creative ideas and business.

When WebEx was founded in 1996, emerging digital communications standards, such as ISDN and Switched Digital Service, led to the development of video conferencing, a market which took off. Users were excited by the possibilities of extended learning, keynote events, and multimedia presentations combining live video and audio—without the time and expense of traditional conferences.

WebEx worked to overcome the common barriers of the user conferencing software available at that time. Most users found it painstaking—if not impossible—to customize these applications into a useful solution to meet their business needs. Also, video tended to focus on people and their faces—relegating to a minor role the information they were trying to convey. The result: a lot of conferencing software was sold, but very little was used.

WebEx began with a clean slate, taking advantage of Internet technology to design collaboration solutions that hide all the complexities. With WebEx, there’s no need to worry about ports, platforms, versions, firewalls—or even the Internet. All you need to run effective online meetings is a browser and a phone. Collaborating with colleagues using WebEx solutions is now as easy as point and click—making it effortless to meet with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Leading the way in web conferencing
WebEx took an early, decisive lead—where it remains today—in the commercial web conferencing market with a robust solution that provides the spontaneity and interactivity of face-to-face meetings. With WebEx, users share presentations, applications, documents and desktops, with full-motion video and integrated audio, all in a rich-multimedia environment.

Today, organizations use WebEx meeting applications across many industries—including financial services, high-tech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, communications, manufacturing, government, and management consulting—and support every stage of both customer and product lifecycles, driving results in sales, marketing, fulfillment, product development, manufacturing, training, and support with real-time collaboration.
How We Stay Number One

* Continued innovative solutions. Our specialized solutions seamlessly integrate into your workflow, making your company more effective, productive, and profitable.
* Outstanding service and support. From comprehensive training and support to flexible packaging and pricing, WebEx focuses on maximizing your effectiveness.
* World-class technology. WebEx builds on-demand applications on an unrivaled, global architecture dedicated to performance and "always on" reliability.
* State-of-the-art security and confidentiality. WebEx encrypts every meeting ensuring that your most sensitive communication stays private. No traces of any meeting are ever retained on the network unless you record it specifically for future use.

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