Thursday, January 19, 2006

Adapt - Simplified, Results Driven, Paid Search Advertizing The $300B advertising industry is undergoing major changes. Ad budgets are rapidly moving to the internet, where ads can be more relevant to prospective customers, and marketing managers can measure results.

As budgets move online, paid search marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the advertising business. Spending in this segment is expected to be over $5B in 2005, up from $298M in 2001 (source: eMarketer, IAB/PwC, 2004). Recent growth rates are approximately 30% per annum.

With this growth comes complexity: more search engines, networks, products, campaigns, keywords and competition. Prices for clicks are rising. Advertisers are finding it impossible to generate more demand online with their current approaches. It is no longer sufficient for users to manage paid search marketing campaigns by hand. Adapt manages this growing complexity, and the growing demand for more paid search results, through sophisticated campaign management, keyword generation and bidding technology. What the users see are more results (sales, leads, subscriptions, downloads, etc.) simply delivered.

About Adapt

Adapt is a California-based company committed to solving real customer problems through technological innovation. Our service, MarketFinder, helps advertisers place and manage ads in the paid search markets. Unlike other options in this market, MarketFinder removes the complexity of paid search marketing, from keyword generation to campaign monitoring, and it optimizes for actions (sales, leads, subscriptions, downloads, etc.) rather than clicks. Avoiding costly professional services, MarketFinder’s high degree of automation enables marketers of all sizes to reach new customers using paid search. MarketFinder is highly scalable, optimizes for both Google and Yahoo! and works across languages.

Adapt’s incentives are aligned with our customers. Customers specify the value of the actions they want to drive, and MarketFinder works within those parameters. Our growing customer base includes leaders in many industries from online retail to high tech in large and small companies.

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