Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ardence - Software Streaming for On Demand Computing When it comes to managing your desktop, all the rules have changed. The Ardence Platform is a software solution for IT desktop and server managers who need to simplify the task of provisioning, managing, and securing systems throughout the enterprise. Ardence eliminates the need to pre-install software, including both applications and the operating system, on hard drives attached to local desktops or servers. Instead, using industry standard PXE (Pre eXecution Environment), Ardence enables these systems to boot remotely across the network to a server that provides access to a central repository of operating system and application images. Rather than deliver the entire multi-gigabyte boot image at power-up or boot time, the Ardence platform streams only what is needed – on demand. This enables a dramatically simplified approach to centralized system management that is guaranteed to lower TCO. At the same time, Ardence provides unparalleled data security because there is no need to store informaton locally on any desktop or server, eliminating vulnerability to data theft.

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