Friday, January 20, 2006

Content Management - Hosted Solutions

Three Content Management Services Touting lower costs and fewer headaches, the hosted CM model is making a run at the enterprise. Whether targeting Web content or the larger pool of corporate documents and digital assets, traditional installed CM software has garnered a reputation for being costly, complex, and time-consuming to implement. These factors have set the table for the quick rise of hosted Web CM, which focuses on the management of Web-based content for intranets and public sites, including large, complex sites -- such as newspapers -- and those that support functions such as e-commerce. Economics is one reason the on-demand model is thriving for Web CM. High-end installed systems such as Interwoven’s TeamSite start at approximately $150,000. In contrast, one-time setup charges for hosted offerings can range from a few hundred dollars to $20,000, with monthly fees from $10 to $3,000. Details in article at InfoWorld.

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