Thursday, January 19, 2006

EchoPass - Call and Contact Centers as a Service Echopass offers complete, flexible solutions for a wide range of call and contact center needs. The EchoSystem is a Service Integration Platform that puts our partner network to work for you seamlessly. Connect with the best services, technologies and capabilities available, customized specifically to your needs and fully integrated -- with Echopass as your single point of management.

* On-demand call center
* On-demand e-services
* On-demand contact center

We bring together the industry’s best components into a single integrated end-to-end solution for your business.

More than a provider of call and contact center solutions, Echopass is the center of a customized, flexible, completely managed EchoSystem™. The EchoSystem is a Service Integration Platform that puts our integrated partner network to work for you -- seamlessly, with Echopass as the single point of management. We connect you with the best services, technologies and capabilities available—today and tomorrow.

The EchoSystem incorporates carrier and network services, CRM software and integration, strategic and implementation consulting, call routing and other customizations our customers may require.

The EchoSystem offers customers a new level of call center flexibility and effectiveness by seamlessly integrating best-of-breed partner technologies and services, then delivering these components on-demand along with Echopass’ own advanced call center services to create a total, customizable and fully-managed solution.
On-Demand, Always On, Guaranteed, End to End

Unlike inflexible hardware-based call centers or limited one-dimensional call center software alternatives, the Echopass EchoSystem service integration platform provides customers a complete, single-source solution. The platform delivers a value proposition unlike that of any other provider:

* On Demand—Easy and quick scalability up or down, with features that can be added whenever needed;
* Always On—Round-the-clock service and support availability;
* Guaranteed—Echopass Service Level Agreements guarantee the entire platform’s service, availability, customer support, performance and reliability; and
* End-to-End—A complete managed technology service incorporating traditional landline or VoIP calling, computer telephony integration, automatic call distribution, work force integration, interactive voice response and other customer-specific integrations.

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