Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hyla Corporation - Ambient IT Hyla delivers classic enterprise IT services to millions of small enterprises in a dramatically simple way

Hyla is an award-winning software product team, but our motto is “Software Is Over”. Our mission is to deliver sophisticated IT solutions to small/midsized firms, but in an more affordable and convenient way.

Classic enterprise IT functions - business process automation, messaging, data integration - deployed over the Internet in days, not months.

Our patented Hylamatrix software services platform makes this possible for the first time. Hylamatrix allows Hyla to deploy our solutions to clients globally, using the Internet. And it allows us to maintain/update these solutions transparently.

Our STPGrid service is the fastest-growing Straight-Through-Processing solution for institutional trade settlement in North America. STPGrid delivers industry-standard financial messaging over the Internet to a growing community of progressive securities processing firms.

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