Wednesday, January 04, 2006

JamCracker - Enabling the On Demand World Jamcracker provides software solutions and expertise that Software Companies and Service Providers need to efficiently deliver and manage their On Demand Solutions.

Jamcracker’s Pivot Path On Demand Delivery and Management software is a fully integrated solution that provides the process efficiencies to profitably scale an On Demand delivery model and to effortlessly add new applications/services and distribution channels.

Jamcracker also features the On Demand Enablement Kit that helps software companies quickly net out all the difficult business, operational and technical variables so they can rapidly devise and implement a Software-as-a-Service strategy.

In development for nearly six years, the Pivot Path On Demand Delivery and Management software and the On Demand Enablement Kit are solutions based on Jamcracker’s pioneering efforts and extensive experience in the managed services business. Started in 1999 by the founder of Exodus Communications, K.B. “Chandra“ Chandrasekhar, Jamcracker had a clear and simple vision: allow businesses to consume applications like a utility. The vision was simple, but the implementation was difficult. Jamcracker became the pioneer in delivering Software-as-a-Service in the On Demand World.

Jamcracker has used this wealth of experience to build Pivot Path the industry’s first fully integrated On Demand Infrastructure and the On Demand Enablement Kit that helps companies move rapidly and intelligently to the On Demand World. Jamcracker’s serves ISVs and Service Providers.

The Pivot Path On Demand Delivery & Management software has been powering Jamcracker’s managed services business since 2001. With the platform, Jamcracker has reduced the operating costs of managing its approximately 100 customers (20,000+ users) consuming over 40 applications by over 70%.

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