Friday, January 20, 2006

Kintera - Back Office Software for Non-Profit Orgs Kintera is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission by providing Knowledge Interaction technology to build vibrant communities of supporters, beneficiaries and staff. By sharing a set of dynamic data and content, organizations can motivate and engage community members to achieve marketing, programming and fundraising success. With leading edge technology and innovative leadership, Kintera is committed to making a difference in the nonprofit sector.

More than 15,000 organizations of all sizes in the nonprofit, government and corporate sectors use Kintera's award-winning technology and services to manage marketing, communications, programs, services and fundraising. Built with input from thousands of nonprofit professionals and volunteers, Kintera Sphere has a unified database and workflow tools that set the industry standard.

Kintera's technology enables volunteers, members, donors and staff to share real-time data and information to foster a powerful sense of community and achieve common goals. Content production, personalized communications, advocacy and delivery of programs and services within the community fuel growth and promote your organization's mission.

Kintera Sphere is Software As A Service accessed at with your secure login. Select from predefined packages of modules or start with the Supporter Database module and add up to 13 other modules. Responsive client services support the service offering.

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