Friday, January 20, 2006

MessageLabs - Email Threat Management Email security is no longer simply about installing hardware or software at the server and PC level. These solutions may only be effective once a threat is known and by that time the damage may already have been done. Viruses, spam, uncontrolled content and unsecured communications are all threats that can irrevocably damage your business. And they are all growing in volume and sophistication.

A proactive and predictive security service that scans for threats outside your enterprise network is the most effective way to ensure your organization is protected. MessageLabs offers comprehensive email security solutions, targeted to today's business issues, helping every enterprise meet its email management and security needs.

The low total cost of ownership and predictable operating costs of MessageLabs services give you email threat protection which enables greater efficiencies and a business-centric view of email security. This means your in-house technical resources can focus on other critical business initiatives.

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