Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oracle On Demand - Software as Service Oracle On Demand delivers Oracle software as a service to Oracle customers around the world. Your Oracle software is managed by Oracle experts—at Oracle, at your location, or at a third party—to improve the performance, reliability, scalability and security of your information. Increase the efficiency of your business processes and systems with Oracle's industry-leading technology and let Oracle On Demand handle your upgrades, patches and maintenance. Now you can focus staff on strategic projects, deploying resources and technology for better user productivity and customer satisfaction.
Oracle On Demand helps your enterprise:

* Keep your systems up to date, available, and managed for performance by Oracle experts.
* Improve the reliability, availability, scalability and security of your IT systems.
* Access product and technology experts dedicated to Oracle products.
* Reduce your IT costs to a predictable monthly fee.
* Redeploy your IT staff and tools to focus on strategic technology projects that impact your bottom line.

Oracle is aggresingly acquiring ASPs. Siebel is aggresively buying ASPs (UpShot, Ineto Services). Oracle has now agreed to buy Siebel.

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