Thursday, January 19, 2006

SalesNet - the "No Bull" alternative to The on-demand/as-a-service model has taken the CRM industry by storm since 2000, and is sweeping away many first generation, on-premise/client-server CRM vendors. In a recent independent survey, by analyst firm Aberdeen, over 80% of 20,000 respondents said they'd consider online CRM next time they looked. It's the different, hot new way for companies to deploy CRM capabilities. Here's why:

Software-as-a-Service - Just pay for what you need, as you need it. As Opposed to: Shelfware - Have a software rep sell you a boatload of licenses that attract dust until you need them.

Subscriptions - One, low monthly subscription per-user, with no hidden costs. That's all. As opposed to: Hidden ongoing costs of ownership - like yearly system upgrades and a small army of IT people.

As-a-service vendors that keep on their toes as they earn your business each month. As opposed to: Drive-by sales jobs from first generation software vendors.

Configuration-as-a-Service - Adaptable solutions that come pre-baked for your specific sales methodology or industry. As opposed to: Truckload of consultants - Deployments that are costly, slow, and painful.

Rapid pilot deployments that prove the system and drive revenue now. As opposed to: Having a CRM implementation that is slower than your lawn growing.

Clicks-not-code - All customization is done by an application administrator using a mouse. As opposed to: "Spaghetti" code that looks like the wires at the back of your stereo system.

Integration-as-a-Service - Subscription-based, out-of-the-box, clicks-not-code integration to just about any piece of business software you own. As opposed to: Second mortgage for another truckload of consultants, this time on a retainer, to come and write broker-based extensions or custom code.

Administration-as-a-Service - Outsource everyone who doesn't carry a quota. As opposed to: Bumping up your reps' quotas to cover additional overhead.

Solution providers who deliver business results. As opposed to: Software vendors who have been drinking their own Koolaid.

Vendors who assume all the risk. As opposed to: You who assume all the risk.

Solutions that are easy to acquire, implement, and own. As opposed to: First-generation CRM.

Better salespeople. Better sales. As opposed to: Being outsold by your competitors.

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