Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Softricity - Virtual Application Computing for the Always-On Enterprise Transform business computing by making applications as instantly available and easy to use as electricity. The Softricity Desktop transforms application management by turning software into virtualized, on demand services that are instantly available from anywhere and intelligently management - and dramatically reduce IT costs.

It is comprised of the SoftGrid(R) Platform, an engine that turns applications into centrally managed virtual services that are delivered on-demand, and Softricity ZeroTouch™, the front-end system that enables real-time worldwide availability to applications in a secure, self-serviced environment.

Using Softricity's patented application virtualization and on-demand delivery technologies, it changes applications into network services that no longer need to be installed. This radically streamlined approach to enterprise application management - Virtual Application Computing - is much faster, affordable and risk-free:

Instantly On: Plug a computer into your network and instantly provide users with all their applications. Applications are virtualized — abstracted from the underlying operating system (OS) — and delivered on-demand, making them portable, flexible and compatible across desktops.

Available Anywhere: All applications are instantly available anywhere in the world – from a user's desktop or a browser – without IT intervention. This is true regardless of whether the application is running on a desktop or server; whether the machine is the user's own computer or a device shared by many users; or whether the user is on a high-speed or dialup connection — or even completely disconnected.

Secure and Stable: Users and application rights are configured so that only users authorized for an application can use the application. Application virtualization also ensures a more pristine OS and helps prevent and contain security breaches and infections.

Intelligently Managed: Set up policies about users and applications and let the system take care of the rest. All management is policy-based. Users and applications are set up and updated from a central console. Then, the system determines who gets what application in real-time. Applications and usage reports can be instantly and securely self-serviced by end-users and business units, without taxing IT.

Cost-Reducing: Eliminate costly IT processes while providing a superior application experience. Also cut hidden costs. You can realize a four-fold increase in application up-time, making employees everywhere much more productive. Reduce over-provisioning of licensing, as well as license compliance risks, through real-time data on application usage.

The Softricity Desktop consolidates each step of the application management lifecycle and changes it from a series of separate, manual processes into an automated, unified system that accelerates the pace of doing business. It enables IT to overcome inherent desktop management challenges that, until now, had been unavoidable. As a result, it makes it easy to transform your entire IT environment, making it centrally manageable, measurable and easily used by IT and business users with a simple click of a mouse.

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