Friday, January 20, 2006

SugarCRM - Open Source and Hosted SugarCRM is the world's leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software for companies of all sizes. SugarCRM's mission is to provide the most innovative, highest quality, easily customized and most appreciated business tools created by the open source development and business models.

SugarCRM develops solutions by actively engaging the CRM community, consisting of users, customers, developers and experts, and incorporates their needs, opinions and experiences into the solution. SugarCRM conveys our strengths, weaknesses, vision and function in a forthright manner to all community members so that the solution expectations are not misguided. SugarCRM believes that our open source development methodology and open source business models maintain healthy business relationships, highest quality solutions, and also the highest level of trust.

SugarCRM's Sugar Suite easily adapts to any business environment by offering a more flexible, cost-effective alternative than proprietary applications. The Sugar Suite's open source architecture allows companies to more easily customize and integrate customer-facing business processes in order to build and maintain more profitable relationships.

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