Thursday, January 19, 2006

UGS - Global Innovation Networks (PLM) It is clear that the need for greater product and process innovation is at the top of most companies’ agendas as a way to help drive the top-line growth that is vital to their success. What’s even more clear is the need to create an environment in which this innovation can thrive by linking all members of the value chain together in the collaborative environment of a global innovation network.

At UGS our vision is to enable a world where organizations and their partners collaborate through global innovation networks to deliver world-class products and services, allowing them to deal swiftly with emerging risks and opportunities.

UGS is the market leader in powering innovation networks by delivering open enterprise solutions which allow our customers to transform their process of innovation. We are uniquely qualified to support a company’s innovation network because of our ability to deliver on the four keys to success that underpin this environment of innovation:

1. Connectivity and integration to all members and data across the value chain.
2. Process agility to quickly respond to market-driven change.
3. Authoring, securing and managing a company's intellectual property.
4. Management of a company's physical and intellectual assets to be able to re-use these assets across multiple products and processes.

Global innovation networks are all about shared knowledge. Shared knowledge across departments and locations. Shared knowledge across large, multi-national and global employee populations. Shared knowledge across suppliers, partners and customers. So no one is left out of the innovation process. Because to compete in an outsourced world, no company can afford to take the chance that the best idea isn’t heard and shared.

Ensuring this level of collaboration is at the core of a true global innovation network. Enabling them is the core of the UGS vision. And no one can do it better than we can.

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