Friday, January 20, 2006

CustomerSat - Profit from Customer Feedback Founded in 1997, CustomerSat, Inc. is the leader in real-time, multi-channel feedback solutions for building customer satisfaction and loyalty. CustomerSat solutions enable companies to improve satisfaction, loyalty and profitability by turning key customer, partner, employee and supplier insights into targeted actions. CustomerSat has offices in Mountain View, California and in the UK, and has a long history of sustained growth and profitability. Investors include J.D. Power and Associates, a world leader in customer satisfaction, and NICE Systems, a global provider of contact center recording and quality management systems.

CustomerSat’s enterprise feedback solutions have helped companies such as AMD, Ariba, BellSouth, Canon, Digital Insight, Honeywell,, VeriSign and WebEx take timely action to address customer opportunities and concerns and build high satisfaction, loyalty and profitability. With advanced survey and analysis capabilities, and comprehensive professional and knowledge services, CustomerSat has helped companies take timely action to reduce attrition, increase loyalty, increase competitive advantage, and increase business profitability.

CustomerSat offers Managed Service, Self-Service and Managed Service Plus solutions that enable you to develop, manage and support feedback programs, and that include real-time survey analytics, Action Management (automated alerts and case management). CustomerSat Managed Service provides a dedicated project team to design and manage feedback programs; Self-Service allows you to design and run your own programs; and Managed Service Plus combines the two, providing a project team for key feedback programs and allowing self-service design and management of others. All three solutions leverage CustomerSat Enterprise, a hosted, web-based application that supports all facets of your satisfaction and loyalty processes, from inviting responses to driving actions. CustomerSat integrates with any backend system, provides 24/7 system access, and delivers data security.

Our advanced feedback solutions help companies:

* Prioritize action through real-time analytics
* Increase enterprise knowledge and focus through push reports
* Increase response rates through multi-channel delivery (web, phone, paper)
* Optimize channel selection to minimize feedback process expense
* Optimize the number of survey responses through touch rules
* Save at-risk customers before they are lost
* Save time through easy-to-use survey creation, deployment and management features
* Reduce survey deployment time through easy-to-use hosted solutions

CustomerSat delivers results-oriented customer feedback to clients around the world. With multi-language capability and many years of experience understanding the cultural nuances of different regions around the world, we deliver global solutions, services, support, and training to our international clients.

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