Wednesday, January 04, 2006

eLogex - One Network Enterprises - The Network is the Application

eLogex A decade of buying packaged application suites, built on outdated architectures, with wide functional gaps has produced questionable financial returns. While these suites work well for highly standardized, slow-changing processes, they are ill-suited to manage complex, multi-enterprise customer and supplier facing processes. One Network Enterprises (aka eLogex) is pioneering the next generation of systems for complex, multi-enterprise supply networks.

The innovative supply network solutions that eLogex deliver are built on an advanced software architecture that is process-centric, network-based. The Value Network Platform(TM) provides complete visibility and flawless transaction management across every step and every company that touches the end-to-end process.

The Power Of The Network: Delivering The Lowest TCO: Over the past year, eLogex' powerful network has moved over $80 billion of goods for over 500 companies, delivering both a vastly lower TCO and vastly higher process effectiveness. The combination of an innovative model that flawlessly manages dynamic, “many-to-many” processes across a multi-echelon supply operation and a large base of suppliers and carriers that are already using the system creates a powerful network effect that improves digital collaboration, accelerates adoption rates and significantly lowers operating costs.

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