Wednesday, January 04, 2006


IBM IBM Software as Services provides clients access to business functionality remotely as a service. As organizations seek new and less costly methods to acquire and pay for business applications, Business Partners are increasingly being asked to deliver their software on demand with usage-based pricing.

Software as Services offers customers lower costs that are aligned with usage, minimal up front expense, rapid implementation, and time to value, plus reduced risk. IBM is building an ecosystem of Software as Services providers, industry by industry, in an exploding market that is forecast to reach US$10.7B by 2009 (IDC). IBM is dedicated to helping you evaluate, implement, and deliver Software as Services depending on your stage of adoption.

Software as Services Showcase
The Software as Services Showcase provides an online directory that allows customers to search for IBM Business Partner solutions that are available to them as a service. The Showcase includes solutions that span a range of industries, such as retail and insurance, and solution areas, such as compliance and human resources.

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