Friday, January 20, 2006

Equinix - Network Data Centers, Internet Exchange Services Customers today are facing tremendous changes in the telecommunications industry and must have the necessary flexibility to deal with the need to change or add providers and take advantage of continuously decreasing prices. With a global footprint of more than one million square feet across 15 locations in the United States and Asia Pacific region, Equinix Internet Business Exchange (IBX) centers serve as core hubs for critical IP networks and Internet operations worldwide. With direct access to more than 200 networks, including all of the top global Tier 1 networks, Equinix's network-neutral IBX centers and services overcome the limitations of existing data center, network and Internet operations through direct interconnection to the largest aggregation of networks for unmatched service diversity, flexibility and reliability. At Equinix, customers can directly access the providers that serve over 90% of the world’s Internet networks and users. In addition, Equinix IBX centers are the industry’s premier peering hubs which provide customers unparalleled network performance and scalability. Concluding that no single network provider can reliably support the mission-critical requirements of important content and enterprise customers, companies like IBM, Google, Sony Online, General Electric, Electronic Arts, Primedia/, Hotwire, Yahoo!, and Microsoft have all selected Equinix as their outsourced IT infrastructure partner.

At Equinix, customers can leverage premium data center services for secure colocation; diverse, reliable and cost-effective IP connectivity; next-generation traffic exchange and peering; and managed outsourced IT infrastructure services for greater control, improved performance and lowered costs for their network and Internet operations. Enterprises and content providers choose Equinix for the exponential cost and performance gains they realize by operating in Equinix network-diverse hubs, with access to a broad selection of outsourced connectivity and IT services.

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