Friday, January 20, 2006

Postini - Integrated Message Management 35,000 Businesses Served 9.1 Million End Users 1 Billion Messages Every Day. "Switching to Postini secured our email" - customer. Postini is the first and only enterprise-class managed service to provide Integrated Message Management. As the leader in Integrated Message Management, Postini provides security, compliance, availability, and visibility solutions for corporate email and instant messaging systems. Postini's messaging services are designed to protect businesses from a wide range of IM and email threats, address regulatory compliance requirements, and enable the management and enforcement of enterprise policies. Founded in 1999, Postini protects and manages electronic communications for more than 35,000 businesses worldwide, providing comprehensive, flexible, and trusted managed services for message security and management. Technology partners include Authentium, IMLogic and McAfee. Business partners and hosting providers include Equinix, Interxion, Level 3 and Savvis (formally Cable and Wireless, formally Exodus).

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